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A hot-air balloon ride is a great way to get a completely different perspective of Bagan, home to the largest concentration of Buddhist temples, stupas and monuments in the world. More than 2,200 are spread across a plain adjacent to rice fields and villages along the Irrawaddy River. Only from above can this vastness be fully appreciated.

Service Include :

  • Standard Service Included:
  • Pick up & drop off from/at your hotel
  • Pre-flight tea, coffee and biscuits, and full safety briefing
  • Sparkling wine and snacks after landing

Note : We also have a Premium service. Please contact us for more information.

Service Exclude :

Any other items not mentioned

Note : Please contact us for Premium Service information.

Terms & Conditions

Passengers are recommended to wear long sleeves shirts, long trousers and covered shoes.
Passengers who have any known medical condition such as epilepsy, recent surgery or other condition which can affect your ability to fly or assist the crew must be disclosed at the time of booking, and to the pilot on the day of your flight.
Pregnant women are not allowed to fly.
Balloon supplier will not be liable for illness or injury due to any undisclosed condition or failure to comply with any reasonable instruction given by the pilot, crew or company representatives.
Passengers who weight above 125kg/280 pounds or need the space for 2 persons, will be requested to pay 100% surcharge of the ticket price. Failure to provide accurate information in advance may lead to the refusal of flight at the launch site, whereby no refund will be offered.
Children under the age of 8 years will not be allowed to fly with Balloon supplier and children aged between 8 and 16 years needs to be accompanied by a responsible adult and the children have to be over 137cm tall (4 feet 6 Inches).
The pilot In command is legally responsible for the safety of all passengers at all times connected with the flight, he or she has the absolute right to refuse passengers for any reason if it is considered their carriage may endanger the flight or other passengers.
Passengers must pay full attention to the safety briefing given by the pilot In command before the launch of the balloon, and questions should be put to pilot if the briefing Is not understood or unclear.
Pilot decision is final on all matters, and he or she has full authority over passengers and crew who are to fully comply with his or her instructions or orders.
Balloon supplier reserves the right to cancel or delay flights, and change rendezvous and launch sites at short notice, to achieve safe and successful flights. The company is not liable for any ensuing loss or inconvenience.
Balloon supplier has complete International Insurance cover for all passengers and third party liabilities.
Balloon supplier will not accept liability for loss or damage to personal effects taken on flights.
Don’t touch any robes, hoses, gas tanks or Instruments of the pilot.
During the inflation of the balloons, passengers are to stay behind the red line and remain in the passenger reception area until called to your balloon by your pilot.
Before landing, stow all cameras, videos, binoculars etc. DO NOT HANG ANYTHING AROUND YOUR NECK.


Due to weather conditions, Balloons over Bagan only operates from late October to mid-March


You will be picked up from your hotel before dawn ( 5:00 – 5:30 am) and proceed to the launch site.  Upon arrival, you will be served with a light breakfast while watching as your balloon is inflated and prepared for flight.  After that, balloon captain will brief dos and don’ts for the flight, and then start your balloon tour.

Within seconds, the hot air balloon will be floating above the treetops, gliding toward the one of the finest sights in the world.  Enjoy kilometers of panoramic vistas and breathtaking nature as you fly in a hot air balloon. This once in a lifetime opportunity is a great choice for families or couples.

It will also give you a bit of an idea of the size of the ancient kingdom” that flourished here a thousand years ago.  The temples were built by a series of Burmese kings who ruled the region for roughly 250 years, until city was abruptly abandoned in the late 13th century for reasons that are not entirely clear. Although time and the elements have eroded many of the structures’ once ornate exteriors, the buildings themselves are still largely intact.

During the flight, your pilot will explain the history of ballooning and point out prominent pagodas in Bagan. A glass of sparkling wine ends this fantastic event and you will be presented with a flight certificate by the pilot. A shuttle bus will bring you back to your hotel.

This is more than just a hot balloon ride. It is a special experience of adventure you will never forget.

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