Only One Thanakha Gallery in the World

August 19, 2019

Claiming that it’s the ‘Only One Thanakha Gallery in the World’,which is in Bagan. This sizeable complex has a small gallery devoted to the myriad medicinal and cosmetic uses of the thanakha tree (Limonia acidissima), from its roots to its bark.

Botanical term (Limonia Acidissma Linn ) is essential as well as a favorite cosmetic which comes in the form of a yellow paste applied to the face and goes under the name of Thanakha. Hence. this has developed into a topic of lively comment in the Myanmar Media. The origin of Thanakha is scarely capable of being historically traced as it springs from the earliest glimmerings of civilization. The Queen of Peikthano (Srikhsetra Over 2.000 years ago has been recorded as a lover of “thanaka”.

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