Nat Ma Taung

Nat Ma Taung (also known as Mount Victoria and Khonuamthung in Chin), is the highest mountain in the Chin State of western Burma.  Located in Kanpalet TownshipMindat District, Mount Victoria is part of the Chin Hills range.

With a height of 3,053 metres (10,016 ft) above sea level and a prominence of 2,231 metres (7,320 ft), Nat Ma Taung is one of the ultra prominent peaks of Southeast Asia.

There are great views all the way up the simple ascent; in November, December and February colourful rhododendrons are in bloom; and at the twin peaks of Mount Victoria you will find 360 degree panoramas of the surrounding mountains

Mount Victoria can easily be climbed in one day, but there are other, longer hiking options in the area, including a direct route through the mountains and tribal villages from Kanpetlet to the nearby town of Mindat (two days, two nights) and a longer circular route to the west and north from Kanpetlet, which begins with the road to the summit of Mount Victoria (five days, four nights). For both of these hikes, you will need a guide and porter, and accommodation is at very simple village homestays.

Nat Ma Taung national park is also a great place to visit for keen birdwatchers; the area is home to a number of species, including the endemic (and endangered) White-browed Nuthatch, as well as larger birds of prey.

At the market in the centre of Mindat (the town is strung out along the road which follows the mountain ridge), you will find colourful Chin clothing and tapestries; local wine (made from millet); and other local handicrafts including a traditional Chin shoulder holster, that is made exclusively to carry a drinks bottle and a large knife!



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